In 2019 I graduated Hull School of Art and Design with a BA Hons in Textile Design.  Textiles continues to be my main interest and discipline but I enjoy using textiles intertwined with other media that I enjoy such as illustration, both digitally and physically.  

Machine stitched image of a woman standing outside of a coffee shop - Contrary to Reason

Freehand Machine Sketching

Leading on from my previous work, I have continued exploring into drawing with the sewing machine, developing a range of work that is fluid and unique.
People and figures are frequently the subject though I also enjoy freehand writing to express statements.

Contrary to Reason

This is the series of work I exhibited for my Final Major Project at Hull School of Art and Design.  My pieces aimed to be a blend of traditional craft and confessional style statements.  The pairing of these two subjects is intended to create pieces that carry deep thoughts and often personal details, in a way that is digestable to the viewer, whilst also passing for an object that would not be out of place in the home.  I have produced both homewares and fashion items, in the hopes that this is a way to share thoughts and opinions with a wide audience.

Anatomical Studies

I have always been fascinated with anatomy, specifically human skeletal structures and x-rays.  I was able to use sets of vintage x-rays that I had found to form the basis of this series of work, in which I created mixed media pieces using stitch and print, as well as some fabric manipulation techniques.  
I discovered I was able to create intricate screen prints by exposing the original x-rays directly onto my screens.

Lost Souls Forever

In late 2018 I had the opportunity to design mens swimwear for an up and coming local brand, who were aiming to be unorthodox and unique in their appearance.
To design shorts to fit with this brand image, I took inspiration from industrial and derelict landscapes, creating a series of abstract pieces using print, stitch and foiling techniques.

industrial themed screen print in red black and grey
Male model wearing hand printed scarf with urban background

Cock of the Walk: Menswear Accessories

Cock of the Walk is an award winning Savile Row trained bespoke tailors in Hull, who tasked me with designing menswear accessories for their 'dandy' customer base.  I created a series of wool twill scarves lined with silk, the pattern inspired by old Victorian tiles that are often found in the entranceways of historic buildings.   

Nor Clothing

A live brief set by local knitwear fashion brand, Nor Clothing.   The brief was to design a new mini collection of garments that must contain no animal products.  This led to great research into sustainble plant-based fibres as well as dyes which is now something that I always incorporate into my practice.  

Selection of hand dyed yarns in pink and blue shades
mixed media piece on hand dyed cotton, inspired by brickwork

Urban Influences

An exploratory range of work into texture and surface pattern, using a wide range of mixed media.  The use of colours have been taken from the environment but manipulated and exaggerrated to suit my intentions for the work.