abstract line art depicting a woman, underneath are the words 'Don't tell me to smile'

Traditional Media

A selection of my work using traditonal media. 

I often adopt a mixed media approach and interchange pens and pencils for found materials, as well as frequently incorporating photocopied segments and mark making.

Small pencil studies of human bones in sketchbook page, beside replica human spine
Girl with rainbow hair wearing blue dungarees on starry night background

Digital Illustration

For my illustration business Peach Panda Studio, I rely on digital illustration to translate into my product ranges.  
Most often I use an iPad Pro and ProCreate software, but I usually start with a small sketchbook and translate the designs digitally later.

Planet Earth with a smiling face on blsuh pink background, above is a rainbow and smiling clouds, surrounded by bees and flowers
Machine stitched portrait of three figures with cartoon mascots. - Contrary To Reason

Textiles Illustration

Using my sewing machine, I am able to create freehand stitched images without templates or digital software.
Drawing on the sewing machine is one of my favourite methods of drawing and it's where most of the products in my shop start off.

A machine stitched portraitof a young girl, framed and set on a desk next to a pen pot