Indie Hull business card
Indie Hull, a new guidebook showcasing local independent businesses and artists

                  Indie Hull
Indie Hull is an self published directory that shines a light on Hulls thriving creative scene so that visitors and locals can seek out the people and places that make Hull unique.  It is scheduled to be published in September 2020 and is entirely designed by myself.

A sub-brand designed to advertise the exhibition of final Textiles collections at the Hull School of Art and Design in June 2019.
There was also a series of recurring run up events named 'THE POP-UP SHOP', which formed part of the public marketing leading up to the event.

The Pop-Up Shop, logo designed for Off/Beat by Rachel Anderson 2019
Off/Beat poster for the Textiles Degree Show 2019, designed by Rachel Anderson 2019
Peach Panda Studio logo surrounded by smiling cartoon inanimate objects
A peach panda head on a background of a repeat pattern of bees on a blue background

Peach Panda Studio 
My first online business, I have designed and created the branding for my independent illustration design business since it began in 2017.  Branding is needed for a wide range of promotional materials within this business, from packaging to social media.

The Sunblind Centre
A branding makeover for local business The Sunblind Centre, which included a complete overhaul of the existing brand and a new design for a vinyl wrap for the business vehicles.  Among new promotional materials designed were flyers and social media icons.

A van wrap design for The Sunblind Centre, by Rachel Anderson
Flyers for the Sunblind Centre by Rachel Anderson