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  1. Just after my graduation in October 2019, my boyfriend and I decided we deserved a little weekend away to Liverpool.  I'd been before but never spent more than a day trip there and he'd never been at all so it seemed like the perfect choice.  
    I had not long left uni so we didn't have loads of money to splash out on a super fancy trip with all the trimmings but nevertheless we fit in everything we wanted to do and didn't spend loads at all!

    24 Hours in Liverpool

  2. Hello hello! I’m Rachel, and I’m a freelance illustrator/designer/engagement officer/artist/blogger/. 

    The freelance lifestyle is a pretty weird one, it has its ups and downs to say the least

    Last year I taught a short seven week workshop on creative self employment and as part of the prep I created my own ‘Freelance Timeline’ to recall all the various jobs I’d had over the last few years.  
    My small Business timeline