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  1. What is Craftivism? 

    It's a term coined by the writer Betsy Greer in the early noughties, who defines it as specific blend of activism with traditional hand crafts, usually of a textile nature such as embroidery and knitting.

    The topic is close to my heart and was the subject of my dissertation in the final year of my Textiles degree.  I one day intend to add more chapters and publish it as a book.  The below writing is the introduction from that dissertation.

    I have decided to write this post now in response to the current Black Lives Matter protests, ignited by the brutal and unjust killing of George Floyd in America.  As I'm sure we're all aware, this is a global problem and our black friends and family are at the mercy of daily unchecked systemic racism and anti-social behaviour just because of their skin tone.  This is unacceptable and we can all be doing more to speak out about this.

    Visit this link to sign petitions, donate, and find resources for the Black Lives Matter movement:

  2. 'If liberty means anything at all, it means the right to tell people what they do not want to hear'.
    -George Orwell

    In early March 2020, I was asked to pay a visit to a young persons writing workshop day at the University of Hull, organised by The Orwell Youth Prize.
    The day saw young people under 18 travel from various local schools to take part in discussions and activities under the prompt 'The Future We Want'.  The atmosphere was buzzing and it was great to see so many young writers all working together and sharing their ideas.

    Embroidered face of George Orwell by Rachel AndersonMini embroidered pennant flags for the Orwell Youth Prize

  3. The 1st MAY 2020 officially marks three whole years since I began trading as Peach Panda Studio.  Long time followers of mine will remember I actually owned Rachel’s Fantasy Island before that, a little textile gift shop, but I was absolutely winging that from start to finish and whilst it was super important to me at the time, I don’t count it as my official start in the creative business world.


    Over the past three years I’ve built Peach Panda, graduated with a degree, started ANOTHER creative business and got myself a studio space that’s not my bedroom.  Anniversaries are always a great time for reflection so here’s three important things I’ve learnt on this small business rollercoaster ride.